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 Quirks/Odd Habits

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Modern Zero.

Modern Zero.

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PostSubject: Quirks/Odd Habits   Quirks/Odd Habits Icon_minitime8/10/2009, 12:22 pm

Post all of your really weird quirks/odd habits here! =)

Here are some of mine:

- I have this CD case that has all of my CDs in them I have Green Day in the front obviously, because they're the most important, and then the least important CDs are in the back. And then, the CDs are also in order from what year they came out.

-Another weird thing that I do with the CDs is that they ALWAYS have to be turned so that the words aren't upside down.

-I bite my nails and the dry skin around my nails ALL THE TIME.

-I don't know why I do this, but when I'm sitting down in my computer chair for too long, I have to randomly get up, jump on my bed for like...five seconds, and then sit back down. Either that, or I'd get up randomly and walk out of my room, walk to my livingroom, stand there for five seconds, and then turn back around, back to my room again and sit back down...

-Whenever I listen to music I have to either pace, or when I'm sitting down, I have to either rock back and forth, or bang my head, tap my foot, or make drum noises with my hands. I can't just sit still. It's impossible. I'm actually pretty sure I have ADHD. I mean...I fit all of the symptoms xD

-Whenever it's REALLY windy and my hair is going all over the place, I have to keep on fixing my hair. I can't just let it be all messy.

-I don't know if anybody else does this, but when I get McDonalds I like to dip my french fries in BBQ sauce.

-When I walk, I can't walk normal. I have to either skip or do some kind of weird movement with my legs, like sometimes I'd walk like sideways, and sometimes I'd walk just on my tippy toes.

-When I'm in the car, I like rock back and forth against the back seat.

-When I'm in the shower I always have to wash my hair first, and then I wash up, but when I wash up, my hair starts sticking to my body and it starts to get dry, so when I'm done washing up, I have to always get my hair wet again and then put more shampoo in it, and rinse it again. Sometimes I do this like three to four times in one shower. And I know this is kind of nasty, but when I wash my hair, some strands of hair fall out and stick on my hands, and since it's really hard to get the hairs off, I end up sticking the hairs onto the shower walls. Laughing

-For school I have to have a binder, a notebook, and a folder for each class and so, my notebook and my folder for the class have to be different colors. They can't be the same. Like, for example, my US History folder is blue and the notebook is green. And the colors have to look good together. Like...I can't have a red folder and a green notebook for the same class because it reminds me of Christmas. And I can't have a red folder and a yellow notebook for the same class because it reminds me too much of ketchup and mustard and/or McDonald's. xD

-I know that this is going to sound a little strange/wrong, but whenever I go to the bathroom, my cat Chester always has to follow me in there. Like, when I walk towards the bathroom and Chester is in the livingroom, when he sees me walk in, his eyes grow wide and he runs in the bathroom with me. And whenever, he just looks at me and doesn't walk in, I like gester him to come in with me. xD Idk....I think he gets that way because his food is in the bathroom and so I'm thinking that maybe he does that because he thinks that I'm going to give him some food. I'm not the only one who takes him in the bathroom with me. My brother also does it as well.

-When I eat, the food on my plate CANNOT touch each other. If they do, I don't eat it. Like, for example, If I have pancakes with syrup on them and eggs on the same plate, and the syrup touches the eggs, I can't eat it. Same thing when I have a bread roll and beans on the same plate and the sauce from the beans gets on the bread, I won't eat it, or when I have a bread roll and mashed potatoes on the same plate and the potatoes get on the bread, I can't eat it then either, but that goes for all food. xD

-Also when I eat and I have a drink with me, I can't take a sip of the drink last. I have to always save a little bite of food on my plate, finish the drink, and then eat the rest of the food. Because if I do eat all my food, and then finish my drink, the taste of the food will go away. lol

-I am REALLY picky with really weird things. Like...the only water that I will drink is "Ice Mountian". I CANNOT drink other types like Dasani or Nestlé Pure Life. It HAS to be "Ice Mountian" or I won't drink it. The same thing goes with socks. I'm REALLY picky when it comes to socks. The socks that I wear have to be really stretchy and short and really soft. They can't be really long, and have a rough feel to them. Just....ugh....no. And it really annoys me when socks are not stretchy. They're really uncomfortable and hard to get on.

- When I pet my cats and my dogs are in the same room, I have to pet them too, or I feel bad about leaving them out.

-Whenever I post something on a forum or type anything online and post it, when I read it over and see the smallest little grammar problem or spelling problem I HAVE to fix it. It doesn't matter how many times I edit the post, I will keep editing it until I'm sure that there are no mistakes. And also, if I'm posting something on a forum and I don't know how to spell a certain word I HAVE to look it up online to know how it's spelt before posting it.

-When I write something on paper, since I can write with both hands, I HAVE to write with the hand that's on the right side of the paper. Like...when I'm writing on the left side of a notebook I have to use my left hand, and when I'm writing on the right side of a notebook I have to write with my right hand. I can't use my left hand and cross over to write on the right side. xD

-When I'm on the computer, I have to have the TV on.

-When I tell myself I need to do something or when I think of something that I should look up online, I always forget it in like....five seconds because I get distracted by something really easily. And so then when it's really late at night I always remember that one thing that I forgot to do. lol

-I ALWAYS have to have a bra on, even when I go to sleep at night. It just feels weird to me when I don't wear a bra...lol

-When I'm home alone, I always have to check every single room in the house to make sure that no one is in the house. Even when I hear the slightest noise, I freak out and check what it was.

-It's impossible for me to read books if there are a couple people in the room talking, or if there's music on, or if the TV is on, because I always want to know what's going on in shows, or what people are talking about. When there's a room with TONS of people in it talking, I can focus on reading better just because there's so many people talking at once it just creates a distant noise in my ears.

-Whenever I count something, I get like halfway there, then I always forget what number I'm on and so I have to start over again. I have to count everything like five times to make sure it's right.

-When I'm on a road trip I always have to look at people's license plates to see where they're from. It's like a game that I do to help pass the time. xD

-If i'm writing something on loose-leaf paper and the last word of that paragraph is by itself on the last line, I erase the second to last line to fit in the other word so it won't get lonely.

-I HAVE to have the volume on something with an even number, and the volume can't be on halves. Like a "6.5" or a "8.5" for example.

-Whenever I cross a street I have to look on both sides of the street twice.

-I act out what I'm going to say to people out loud A LOT or if I'm writing a story I have to act out the dialouge between the characters out loud before writing it down just to make sure the dialouge is realistic (either that or I do it in my head if I'm at a public place. LOL) and I have a really bad habit of talking to myself. Shocked

-Whenever someone is talking to me or asking me a question I have this really bad habit of going, "....Huh?" before I actually answer them, even though I heard what they said.

-When both of my cats are lying next to each other I have to pet them both at the same time or I feel like I left one of them out, and I have to pet them the same amount of time. Like...if I stop petting them, and then pet one cat one more time, I have to go back and pet the other cat again.

-I have this really good sense of time, like...without looking at the clock I can guess what time it is and when I actually look at the clock it's really close to what I guessed. The same thing goes with dates that movies/books/TV shows came out. When I'm watching a movie I can guess the year that it came out and I'm mostly right everytime, and when I'm not, I'm really close.

-I can not STAND abbreviating things online like "IMO" for example. I have to write out, "In my opinion". And it's only with certain ones. Like...when it comes to "LOL" and "OMG" and "IDK", I can abbreviate those, it's just certain ones that I have to write out.

-I can't have any other icons on my desktop besides my recycle bin. If there's other icons besides the recycle bin on my desktop, I freak out and delete it.

-When I'm writing or typing a number I HAVE to write the number out. For example, Instead of it being "6" or "8", it has to be "six" or "eight". I just get REALLY annoyed if numbers aren't written out, unless it has to do with time. xD

-Whenever I go to bed at night, I can't go to bed unless the clock ends in a :30 or :00 . Like, for example, 12:57 am. I have to wait until it's 1:00 am exactly, before I go to bed. And if it's 1:09 am, I have to wait until it's 1:30 am to go to bed.

-When I'm online, I can't have tons of windows open on the bottom of my computer. I always have to have it on a different tab, or I get annoyed.

-I have this weird habit of checking the food cabinet, the freezer, and the fridge like...five to ten times a day as if I think that more food is going to magically appear that wasn't there before. xD

Wow....I have tons of really weird habits....
When I was making this thread I thought that I was only going to have like...four or

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PostSubject: Re: Quirks/Odd Habits   Quirks/Odd Habits Icon_minitime8/11/2009, 8:50 am

Oh man! My CD habits are close to the same as yours Chelsea!

- My CD's are arranged closely to that of Chelsea's, although I apparently love the Japanese right to left thing so it starts from Green Day and goes to the left down to the CDs I never listen to. (I guess my CD's are arranged right to left because it's easier getting to the CD's on the right. Check the attached photo and you'll see what I mean).

- I also bite my nails and then the skin around it that has, I guess, been torn. It's a really gross habit.

- I am so anal when it comes to books, even the smallest imperfections bother the hell out of me and then if I accidentally ruin a book I get really upset.

- I repeatedly check both the fridges and the freezer in my basement even though I know food doesn't magically show up in front of my eyes.

- I generally check my e-mail inbox first before going onto other sites (whether it's through MSN or browser).

- I CAN NOT sleep with socks or a bra on. It's just not possible for me.

- I talk to myself WAY too much, if I'm reading something or talking to someone online I start repeating things out loud or if I'm just doing things or trying to figure stuff out I start talking with myself.

- I really hate it when people mistake "your" and "you're" as well as "there", "their" and "they're" those mistakes bug the shit out of me.

- It really irks me when I lose stationary- pens, penicls, whatever. I also have a favourite mechanical pencil that I've had for two years now and have nearly lost twice. (Let's hope I don't jinx myself).

- I have a nighttime routine that I have to do before bed, otherwise I think that the following day will go terribly. (It's kind of a ridiculous thing so I wont describe it).

- I can't sleep in a completely silent room since I've gotten used to the noise my ceiling fan makes.

- When I'm out somewhere I ALWAYS have to have my iPod, even if I'm not able to use it.

- If I'm alone at night I can't have any of the blinds open on the windows because I am terrified of people looking through them, so I close them all.

- I also have to have my cat in the house with me if I'm home alone so that I don't feel so lonesome.

- I have to make my bed in the morning because I'm terrified of spiders or other insects sneaking into my sheets.

That's about all I can think of right now. Razz
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Modern Zero.

Modern Zero.

Number of posts : 2476
Age : 29
Location : stalking GD in Oakland xD
Registration date : 2007-09-18

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PostSubject: Re: Quirks/Odd Habits   Quirks/Odd Habits Icon_minitime8/12/2009, 1:13 am

OMG, I thought I was the only one that checked the freezer and the fridge like 5-10 times a day! =D

Quirks/Odd Habits Billieflowers-1-1
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PostSubject: Re: Quirks/Odd Habits   Quirks/Odd Habits Icon_minitime

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Quirks/Odd Habits
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