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 Take It As It Comes

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PostSubject: Take It As It Comes   Take It As It Comes Icon_minitime2/7/2009, 3:51 am

Hey guys! I haven't written a story in a long time, and since I actually have time to write something today, I decided I would. I'm becoming a huge Doors fan, so I decided to write a Jim Morrison fan fic. Hope you guys enjoy! Smile Just a warning, it's kind of long. lol

Take It As It Comes

James Douglas Morrison made his way slowly down the dark street, staring up at the full moon overhead. The night was pitch black, and the only light came from the moon, a few streetlamps scattered up and down the block, and the small orange fire burning from the tip of Jim’s cigarette. He dropped his cigarette and ground it out on the black pavement with his boot. He heard a low rumbling behind him, and he quickly moved out of the way as a long black stretch limo appeared. It drove down the street and stopped, only a few blocks in front of Jim.

Jim cocked his head to the side curiously. Maybe he and the person in the limo, whoever they were, were headed to the same place. Pamela Courson, Jim’s girlfriend, was hosting a party in her apartment, which was right off of Venice Beach, a popular summer hang out spot in California. Pam and Jim were going through a rough patch, and Jim wasn’t really in the mood for a party. He loved Pam, but he just wasn’t up for it tonight.

“You have to come,” Pam had told Jim earlier that day. “All my friends will be there, and some of my family too. Everyone wants to meet you.” Jim rolled his eyes, annoyed. “I’m not going,” he said, for what seemed like the thousandth time. “You know I can’t stand any of those people. And they don’t like me anyway.”

Jim was the front man for a rock band called the Doors, and they weren’t even very popular yet, but Pamela’s family still didn’t approve of him being a singer. They just thought it was wrong, and there was no money to be made in it. Pam sighed. “But Ray, Robby, and John will be there. You like them don’t you?” Ray, Robby, and John were the other members of the Doors. Ray played the keyboard, Robby played guitar, and John was on the drums. Sure, Jim liked them, but he just wanted to be alone tonight. Maybe order takeout from his favorite soul food place, Olivia’s, and write some poetry. Not go to a party.

He continued walking down the block, towards Pam’s apartment, when he saw someone emerge from the limo. He was old, and frail, with wispy white hair, and wearing an expensive looking tuxedo. He didn’t look like anyone Pam might hang out with. The man stepped out of the driver’s side, and Jim realized he was the limo driver. The man walked around to let the passenger out and Jim walked faster towards the vehicle, intrigued about who might be in it. When he was standing right next to it, he slowly passed it nonchalantly, pretending not to care who was inside. Jim reached into the pocket of his jeans, and pulled out another cigarette and a lighter. He was about to light up, but when he saw who stepped out of the limo, he could care less about smoking.

Out stepped a woman, very tall and very beautiful, wearing a slinky black mini dress. Wrapped around her shoulders was a real white mink fur coat. Her endless legs were tanned, and her long feet were snug in a pair of strappy silver high heels. Jim guessed she had to be 5’9, without the heels. Her long dark hair cascaded down her back, and her sky blue eyes sparkled in the moonlight.

“Thank you Henry,” she said to the driver, kissing him on the cheek. He nodded his head, returned to the driver’s seat, and drove away. Jim stood, stunned. He felt himself start to sweat, and immediately forgot about Pam, her family, and the party. He ran his fingers through his brown shaggy locks nervously. This woman was the most gorgeous thing he had ever seen. For a brief moment, he thought about convincing her to run away with him, but he quickly shook those ridiculous thoughts from his head and watched her.

She briskly walked down the block towards Pam’s house. Suddenly, a horrible thought raced through Jim’s mind. Was this woman going to be at Pam’s party? He didn’t think he could get away with ignoring Pam was focusing on this woman at the same time; Pam would eventually notice something was up. Part of him wanted to go home, and stay there, never seeing that woman again. On the other hand, he didn’t want to miss an opportunity like this. He may never see her again. Jim slowly followed her, staying a fair distance behind her as she made her way down the street.

When she walked up to Pam’s door, knocked on it, and entered the apartment, Jim’s suspicions were confirmed. She knew Pam, and she was at the party. Jim sat down the curb, unsure of what to do. He checked his watch; he was already an hour late. Pam was going to give him hell when he finally did arrive. Jim decided he would only stay for a few minutes, which would be enough time to see the woman again, and calm Pam down, if she was really mad at him.

He rose from the curb and walked over to Pam’s apartment, quietly knocking on the door as he braced himself for the worst. Behind her door, he could hear people talking, and he thought he made out Ray’s voice. Music was playing and people were laughing. He heard the click of Pam’s high heels as she came closer and closer to her door. He heard her mutter angrily to her guests “It’s him.” Suddenly, her doors flew open, and Jim was greeted by her hard, glaring face. Pam’s doe brown eyes were narrowed at Jim, and her hands were placed on her slim waist. Her long dark red hair had been curled, and it was piled on top of her head with chopsticks. She was wearing a pink silk dress Jim had bought her for her birthday. If she hadn’t looked so mad, he would have told her she looked pretty. “Well, well…” she said coldly, tapping her high heeled foot. “Look who finally decided to show up.”

Jim nodded, avoiding eye contact with Pam. He was expecting this. “I know,” he muttered. “I’m sorry.” He tried to lean forward to kiss Pam, but she leaned back, disgusted. “That’s all you have to say?” she demanded, “sorry? You’re an hour late Jim. What took you so damn long to get over here? You don’t live that far away.”

Jim scowled, becoming aggravated. “I said sorry,” he said, brushing past Pam’s tall skinny frame and into her spacious apartment. He was looking for the woman, but he saw Ray, Robby, and John first. He greeted them smiling, glad to see people who were actually happy to see him. “Hey Jim,” they all said. As they talked, Jim heard someone laugh from the living room. “Excuse me,” Jim said, looking over his shoulder. Ray, Robby, and John excused him, and Jim made his way into the living room.

Sitting on the couch, was Pam, and the woman, laughing and talking intently about something. Jim watched them, standing awkwardly, wondering how to approach them. He cleared his throat. Pam and the woman looked up and saw Jim standing behind them, watching them. Pam jumped up and linked her arms through Jim’s, obviously not mad at him anymore. “Sadie,” Pam said, referring to the woman on the couch, “this is Jim. Jim, this is Sadie. We’ve been friends since high school, but she lives in New York. She came to California to do some modeling, and she’s going to be living with me for the next few weeks.” Pam beamed at them both, unaware that Jim and Sadie were ignoring her, and only staring at each other. Sadie stood up and shook Jim’s hand.

“Pleasure to meet you,” she said, her angelic face smiling, showing Jim a mouth full of perfectly straight white teeth. Jim shook her hand back, his equally angelic face smiling back at her. Pam muttered something about running out of beer for the party, kissed Jim on the cheek, and walked away, leaving Jim and Sadie alone. Jim and Sadie continued smiling at each other as they sat down on the couch. “So,” Sadie said, reaching into her purse for a cigarette and a lighter. She offered one to Jim and he took it, thanking her. She lit hers and held it between her slender fingers, blowing smoke into the air.

“So,” she said again, “what do you do?” Jim took a drag off of his cigarette and answered, “I’m a singer. I’m in a band with Ray, Robby and John.”

“Who?” Sadie asked, looking around for the people Jim was talking about.

“Ray, Robby, and John,” Jim said, pointing them out. Ray, Robby, and John stared at Jim, amazed that he could charm the prettiest girl at the party. “We’re in a band called the Doors,” Jim explained to Sadie. Sadie nodded, genuinely interested. “We’ve played a couple of gigs, and I think people really like us. We’re in the process of getting a record deal right now.”

“That’s great,” Sadie said flashing Jim her killer smile. “Are you guys playing any shows this week? I’ll be here until Sunday. I’d love to come and see one with Pam or something.” Jim frowned. He would much rather Sadie come alone. He regained his composure and answered “Yeah. I mean, I think we are. We play at this club called the Whiskey A Go-Go, it’s on Sunset Strip. It’s a really cool place. You’d like it.”

“I’ve heard of that place,” Saide said, finishing her cigarette and grinding it out on a nearby ashtray. “I’d love to go. What kind of music do you guys play?”

Jim shrugged. “All kinds I guess. Mostly blues and rock. Some psychedelic songs too. I write most of the songs, but the other guys help too. And in between songs Ray, Robby, and John improvise with their instruments and I can read some of my poetry.”

Sadie’s eyes went wide. “You write poetry? I love poetry! My favorite poet has to be Allen Ginsberg. His book Howl, it’s just so dark, but it’s so beautiful. I’ve read it so many times; the pages are starting to fall out.”

Jim laughed. “I love Ginsberg too. When I was in high school, I was the only kid in my school who had a copy of that book. My teachers saw me reading it and they took it away and wouldn’t let me have it back. Then they called my parents. They said I should be sent to a therapist for reading a book like that.” Jim chuckled. “It’s pretty funny now that I look back on it. I never did get back though.”

“That’s too bad,” Sadie said, chuckling along with Jim. “You know,” she said, lightly brushing her knee against Jim’s. “I think I have my copy with me if you want to read it. My suitcases were flown in from New York yesterday, and I think Pam picked them up for me. She put them back in her spare bedroom.” A big smile stretched across Jim’s face, and he nodded eagerly. “I’d love to.” Jim quickly looked over at Pam, she was busy talking to someone else, and she was clueless.

Jim followed Sadie as she led him through the house and into the spare bedroom. Jim closed the door behind them, muffling the sounds of the party. Sitting on the floor was Sadie’s suitcases, and she rummaged through them until she produced a worn copy of Howl. “Here it is,” she said happily. She laid down on the bed, her head propped up against the headboard. Jim laid next to her and Sadie cuddled against him, her fingers drumming on his chest. She handed the book to Jim and he opened up to the first page. They began reading together:


For Carl Solomon

I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked,
dragging themselves through the negro streets at dawn looking for an angry fix;
Angel-headed hipsters burning for the ancient heavenly connection
to the starry dynamo in the machinery of night...

Sadie sighed. “It’s so beautiful.” Jim nodded in agreement. “I’d forgotten how wonderful this poem was. Ginsberg is an amazing poet.”

Jim closed the worn book and placed it on the bedside table. They turned on their sides and faced each other, looking into each other’s eyes. “You have to read me some of your poetry,” Sadie said softly, curling Jim’s hair around her fingers. Jim nodded. He leaned forward and kissed the tips of Sadie’s fingers, his lips working their way up her arms, up her neck, and finally to her mouth. He kissed her long, hard, and passionately.

“Jim,” Sadie said, pulling away, “I can’t do this. We shouldn’t be doing this. Pam…I’m her best friend. She loves you Jim, don’t do this to her. I can’t do this, I can’t.” Even with all of her protesting, she stayed where she was. Jim kissed her again. “Oh Jim,” Sadie said. Suddenly Sadie began to cry, a stream of slow steady tears fell down her cheeks, ruining her makeup. Jim brushed them away with his fingers, and kissed her once more. Somehow, Jim got her to stop crying and he slipped her dress off over her head. Sadie unbuttoned Jim’s shirt and he shrugged it off. Jim sat up and shimmied out of his pants, then carefully placed himself on top of Sadie.

She slipped out of her lacy underwear and slid her hands around Jim’s hips, pulling off his boxers. They began kissing, their tongues dancing, and Sadie dug her fingernails into Jim’s back. She bit her lip, and moaned loudly from pleasure and Jim worked over her. They climaxed together, and then they collapsed, sweaty and satisfied onto the soft bed. Jim stayed on top of her, listening to their hearts beating together. He kissed her softly on the nose, and a small smile appeared on her face.

He rolled off of her and they cuddled together under the sheets. Soon, they fell asleep, not caring who would find them when the sun rose, announcing the start of a new day.
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PostSubject: Re: Take It As It Comes   Take It As It Comes Icon_minitime10/1/2009, 7:32 am

Whoa, sorry I never commented on this, Faye! Haha.

I really liked it. I've always loved your writing, and this is pretty damn well written. Your attention to detail is really good, and I love how easily Sadie and Jim seem to talk; you wrote it really naturally. :]

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