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PostSubject: Misery   10/1/2009, 7:30 am

A band cleverly titled Blue Night terrorize girls after a concert. Also includes a creepy dude with a lazy eye and easy teenage girls.

I wrote this for my English class. My teacher loved it; Got a big fat A. ;D

"That was awesome!" my best friend, Melissa, exclaimed. She had a firm grip on my arm, guiding us through the throngs of fellow fans. We just saw our favorite band, Blue Night, perform at a decent sized theatre. We were now on our way out of the venue, nothing but the recent memory of the show replaying in our heads.

"Of course it was!" I replied happily. "It's Blue Night!" I added as we finished walking up the concrete steps and into the arena's lobby.

All I could see was faces - so many faces and they were all different. Melissa and I were still trying to maneuver past the packs of fans. We were both sixteen, but I was the only one with a permit, so I had to drive home. The legality of driving home now was nonexistent, but we would have to chance it. Both our homes were just half an hour away; we were praying to get home safely without getting pulled over.

Just as we were about to exit the lobby and enter the parking lot, a tall and strange looking man with a distinct lazy eye approached us. "Hello girls," he said lowly. "Enjoy the show?"

His voice was almost a whisper, and the way he looked and how close he was to us made me uncomfortable, and Melissa probably felt the same. He was standing in front of the closest exit doors, so a quick escape was blocked. And my undeniable politeness wouldn't let me just walk away after making eye contact and the fact that I acknowledged his presence, so I decided to just give him a quick answer.

"It was fine," I said quickly.

"We have to go," Melissa said swiftly after me. "We have a long drive home and it's pretty dark outside."

"Driving home alone?" he inquired in a surprised tone, but his expression remained the same. "Aren't you girls a little young for that?"

"We're sixteen - we can drive," I informed.

"My mom's driving us!" Melissa exclaimed. I felt relieved when I realized why she lied. Saying a trusted adult was nearby would make any creep back off, so I was hoping it would work for this breed of one. Still, I couldn't help but feel my heart race and my head spin with a million different unrealistic scenarios instead of just the memory of the concert like earlier.

"Well, maybe you could tell your mother to wait? I have something to give you," he whispered so softly, I could barely hear him.

"Huh?" I asked as noisy fans walked past, exiting out of the doors that we were not near.

Next thing I knew, the weirdo pulled out two VIP passes and put them around our necks. Melissa and I just looked at each other, stunned. That's not something that happens to us everyday, and the creep suddenly became a little less creepy.

He led us to the dressing room that was quite a walk away. While walking, I was surprised that Melissa wasn't chatting away like she usually was, especially since something like this just happened. I didn't want to talk either, though, so I didn't mind the silence too much.

We made it to the dressing room. The formerly weird guy just smiled at us and told us to have a good time. He said the members enjoyed meeting fans, so don't anticipate awkwardness of anything. He ended up making us feel comfortable, and all of my worry ended up disappearing.

However, that feeling didn't last long. When the door shut behind us, I swore I heard it lock. I instantly became paranoid and felt my panic meter raise. I mean, did he really just lock us in what looks like a vacant dressing room. Why?

"Where are they?" Melissa rhetorically asked since I was oblivious to the answer.

"I don't know," I answered, and the fact that I admitted my uncertainty out loud made it weigh down on me even more.

"This was a bad idea, Gina," she told me.

"You think I don't know that?" I snapped. I exhaled calmly before saying, "Maybe it's nothing. They might come soon."

"And they might not," Melissa pessimistically replied.

Before I could say anything back, the lights were killed. As you can imagine, that freaked me out more than a bit. I was either having an auditory hallucination, or I was actually hearing a song playing very, very softly in the distance. It sounded like the Blue Night song, 'Misery.'

Mr. Whirly had a catastrophic incident,
He fell into the city by the bay,
He liquidated his estate,
Now he sleeps upon the haight,
Pan handling misery.

Before I could think much of it, I got this weird feeling. Not that I hadn't been feeling weird the entire time, but I felt like something was really off. Like someone else was in the room. Before I could truly contemplate that idea, I felt something tough and cold get tied around my neck. Somebody was strangling me.

I instinctively grabbed for my neck and attempted to pry the item from my body. Upon gripping the object, I came to realize I was being strangled with guitar strings. I assumed it was the guitar player from Blue Night, and I assumed this entire thing was just a trap. The lazy eye man brought Melissa and I here to be killed by people we once respected, and it didn't make any sense. Or maybe it did, but I just couldn't understand because I was started to be unable to breathe.

Well Vinnie was a hustler out of Amsterdam,
He ran the drug cartel in Tinseltown,
They found him in a Cadillac,
Bludgeoned with a baseball bat,
In the name of misery.

Regina hit the road to New York City,
Mysteriously the night Vinnie croaked,
She stopped in Vegas to elope,
With Virginia and the dope,
And kissed the bride eternally.

I heard an indescribable sound come from my left, and I knew something was happening to Melissa. I couldn't think anything coherently, though, and I felt my face turning blue. I felt like such an idiot for not just leaving the venue with Melissa, and for being gullible and stupid enough to actually follow the creepy guy and trust him. I shouldn't have trusted him.

Oh, well, too late now. I couldn't take in another breath, and I recognized that this was the end. My last thought was that this day started out to be the best of my life, and ended up being my last.

And they're gonna get high,
When they're low, low, low.
The fire burns from better days,
And she screamed, "Why, oh why?"
I said, "I don't know,"
The catastrophic hymns from yesterday,
Of misery.

Someone's a tease.
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