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 Green Day go to the White House

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PostSubject: Green Day go to the White House   8/2/2009, 9:11 am

Apparently, our boys made a trip to the White House. I'm assuming it was around the time they played in DC a few days ago. Pictures are up on Idiot Club (or so I'm told, since I don't have an account on there) but Chelsea does, so, hopefully she can post pictures later whenever she gets back from Ohio, unless somebody else does on GDA or somewhere.

So far, I've only found this one of Billie:

It's pretty fucking amazing to see him in the White House, I must say.
Especially since his expression is like, "Those drapes do NOT match the furniture!"

Someone's a tease.
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PostSubject: Re: Green Day go to the White House   8/2/2009, 2:11 pm

^OMG......I love this picture of Billie......*drools* LOLOL I love what he's wearing to. That man has style! xD

All the pictures are up on GD.com. There's a link to them on GDA in the news section. =)

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Green Day go to the White House
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