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PostSubject: Pretend   Pretend Icon_minitime4/27/2009, 2:19 am

Hugh Laurie fan fiction.
Can't really explain it too well, so just read it. =)

In Hugh's POV, unless otherwise noted.
I own none of these characters.


Let's pretend...

Let us pretend that the world is not floating around in a vast universe that scientists claim to know a lot about. Let's pretend that a wrinkled frown is a cheery smile, spread from ear to ear, and let's pretend that everything is OK, even when we all know it isn't.

That's the art of pretending, though; that's why it's so fun to play pretend. I remember when I would play pretend with my friends in Oxford. From pretending we were soldiers fighting in the Revolutionary War, to pretending we were firefighters summoned to put out grandest flame pit in all of history. It was all so joyful and senseless since we were simply children. Our lives weren't advanced, so we found solace in our imaginations.

The imagination is a scary thing, though. Serial killers find ways to slaughter their victims by using their imagination. What, you thought Jack the Ripper was too twisted to have an imagination? The imagination is a free tool that fools and geniuses can use for good or evil, and whether that person is Einstein or Hitler - we can't turn their imaginations off.

It's a thrill isn't it - the imagination? You can hypothetically peel the layers of your brain apart and discover the exact of your thinking. It's quite a difficult subject to digest, however. Imaginations are always expanding and changing and each persons imagination is varied. I find that exciting, but you probably find it horrifying, on the contrary. Maybe our imaginations are too different.

I recall my first sentimental moment as a father, and it involved pretending. My first son, Charlie, was pretending to be a policemen because a cop film was on the tele. I found it quite, but it also triggered my memory to remember those treasured moments of my childhood. I had forgotten about how I used to play pretend with my friends as a child. I had forgotten about the carelessness and immunity I felt towards this planet. I forgot how brilliant it felt to believe you were infallible, indestructible and indivisible.

I miss that security.

Pretending and imagining are quite similar, I suppose. I've been separating the two when they are literally synonyms to each other. How ironic. I suppose your imagination must be in hyper-drive if you are scrounging around and pretending you are a soldier, fireman, or policeman, and, perhaps you enjoy playing pretend so much that your imagination has made a significant development.

Playing pretend is cute when you are a child, but it's odd when you are an adult. Children are innocent and allowed to explore the fabrics of their imagination, whereas adults are looked upon as robots - they wake up, eat, work, sleep and repeat the cycle at the break of dawn.

And that's true. I wish there was more natural substance to our lives.

Perhaps I never grew up. Physically, I did - gray hair, worn body and crisp fingers - but maybe my mind never developed. I still want to pretend. Sometimes I want to pretend that everything is OK. I want to pretend I am someone and somewhere else. I want to pretend that everyone would understand if I told them how damaged I am.

My name is Hugh, and I have the more intricate imagination you'll ever see.

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