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 Penguins Can Fly?

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Modern Zero.

Modern Zero.

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PostSubject: Penguins Can Fly?   11/27/2007, 9:42 am

1:Any Wanna Can Cooka!

“Look Ada! I named all the birdies!” Remy said in delight as she looked out the window of the house. “This one right here,” She said as she pointed. “Is Bebo, that one over there to the left is Bebop, the one next to Bebop is Charlie, and waaaaaaay in the back, that’s Bob! Hi Bob!” She shouted waving out the window.

Ada gave her a weird look but that didn’t stop Remy from smiling to herself…until….

Remy gasped. “BEBOP, STOP ATTACKING BEBO! WHAT HAVE I TOLD YOU ABOUT FIGHTING? Oh…wait…or was that one Bebo and the other one Bebop….or is it Bob? GAHH!! They all moved! Now I have to rename them!” Remy screamed out in frustration.

Her friend Julie screamed back at her, picked up a vase, and broke it over her head. Yeah, she has problems…

Ada rolled her eyes.


That…was Mary.


Julie screamed back, slamming her face against the wall.

“What happened?” Ada asked, peering into the kitchen.

“YUH! YUH! YEAH!! WHAT HA- HAPPENED!?!?!” Julie screamed, peering into the kitchen also, hitting herself on the head with a hammer.

“Ooooooo! I wanna know!” Remy asked running over to Mary with her hand in the air, as if she was in school.

“I GOT FUCKING CUT WITH THE KNIFE!! SEE??” She pointed at the tiny itsy bitsy cut on her thumb.

“CUTTA!! KNIFE-AHH! GAHHH!!! BOMB! HIT THE DECK!” Julie yelled as she ducked underneath the kitchen table. “BOOOOM!!” She cried, shaking the table. “AHHHHH!!!”

“Bomb!?!?! Where?” Remy cried running around in circles.

Julie grunted and pulled Remy underneath the table where she was—CLUNK!

“OWWWWEY!!!!!!” Remy cried out. The evil table where she and Julie where now sitting under smacked her on the head.

“OWWWHOA!! BOMB!!” Julie cried pointing. “ANOTHER BOMB! EKKKK!!!”

Julie spread her arms out as far as she could. “BOOOOM!!!!! GAHHH!! REMY CUPCAKES! SAVE YOURSELF!!” She cried as she shook the table once more, making knifes, forks, spoons, plates, and…an elf named Sparkle fall off of it and onto the floor.

Sparkle the elf stared at the four girls. They stared back.

“You’re not….the tooth fairy…” cried Sparkle the elf, holding a little bite-sized tooth in his hands.

“Look!!” Remy cried, now sporting a SpongeBob band-aid right in the middle of her forehead. She pointed at Sparkle the elf. “It’s a bunny! Can I have the bunny Ada?”

Ada had no facial expression whatsoever. She shrugged. “Sure, why not.”
“YAY!!!” Remy shouted, throwing her arms in the air.

Sparkle the elf tried to run away, calling out the Elf cry, hoping that his fellow elflings somehow would come to save him. “CAAAAAWW!!! CAWWW!!” Sparkle the elf shouted, jumping up and down in his little elfy costume, flapping his arms as if they were wings.

“REMY! I THINK IT’S A PENGUIN!” Julie screamed as if Remy was 525208547 feet away from her when really, she was only about 2.67 and a half.

Ada rolled her eyes. “Julie, penguins can’t fly.”

Remy gasped. “THEY CAN’T??!?!”

“CAN’T. FLY. BAHHH!! PANCLOCKYS!!!!” Julie cried out as she twitched and scratched her arms furiously.

Ada sighed and turned back around to talk to Mary and noticed almost instantly that she was crying.

“Umm…Mary what’s wrong?”

She sighed and stared at the turkey in front of her. “I can’t fucking cook! We’re never gonna fucking have thanksgiving like this! SHIT!”

Remy gasped once more. “But Marykins! Any wanna can cooka!” she said in a horrible French accent.

“ANY WANNA CAN COOKA!” Julie repeated, still hiding underneath the table.

“CAWWW!! CAWWW!!!” Sparkle the elf shouted, running around the house.

Mary glared at a smiling Remy and sighed. “How do ya fucking figure Remy?”

Remy just smiled wide. “Observe!”

She quickly got out a pan, put warm water in it, and put it over the stove, and then she somehow managed to grab everything they had out of the pantry and the fridge and set it all on the table.

“Now let’s seeeya!” Remy said looking over at all the food, hand under her chin in deep thought.

“AHA!” She shouted, picking up the whole turkey that Mary was trying to cut. She smiled to herself and tossed the whole thing in the pan. She picked up another item of food and showed it to Mary.

“La cheese-a…” She exclaimed, and tossed it into the pan.

“La egg-a…” She said, dropping the egg into the pan also, shell and all.

“La cheetos!”

“La noodles!”

“La milka!” She shouted, putting the whole carton in….


“Annnd…last but not least; La pizzeria!” Remy exclaimed dropping the last item of food into the crowded pan. She swiftly wiped her hands off and turned around to her friends. “See-a?? Everyone-a can—“

There stood Ada, leaning against the wall for support, sleeping. Mary was hunched over a kitchen chair, snoring loudly. Julie asleep under the kitchen table, drooling and occasionally screaming, ‘BOOOM!’ in her sleep. And lying in a chair slept Sparkle the elf, his little bite-sized tooth right beside him.

welllllll......this is just a random story that i'm writing since I'm pretty much stuck on Daddy Dearest and Drowning Lessons. -sigh- lol Just wanted to post some type of story i guess. lololol cyclops As you can tell Remy is well....dumb, Julie is ummm...idk. She has an outburst problem. Actually she has more than one problem i think.. Shocked lol Mary has anger problems and she like curses all the time, and Ada, well...she's just blahhhhhhhh! hahaha Some of the inspiration from this chapter was from that animated movie called Ratatouille. Very Happy

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PostSubject: Re: Penguins Can Fly?   11/27/2007, 10:16 am


This is really funny. *Claps*

Someone's a tease.
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Modern Zero.

Modern Zero.

Number of posts : 2476
Age : 25
Location : stalking GD in Oakland xD
Registration date : 2007-09-18

PostSubject: Re: Penguins Can Fly?   11/27/2007, 10:42 am

lol thankies Sarah!! ^___^

I'll come up with the next chapter soon. Thinking of random stuff isn't hard. lol

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PostSubject: Re: Penguins Can Fly?   

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Penguins Can Fly?
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